Minimum Wage Task Majority Proposal

The Minimum Wage Task Force submitted their final report and recommendations to the Tacoma City Council. In that report, a super majority of members recommended the City of Tacoma achieve a minimum hourly wage of at least $15 for everyone working in Tacoma by 2024, and that the City raise the minimum hourly wage for employees working for local, national, or global companies in Tacoma with 150 or more employees to $15 by 2020. For more details, download the full report.*

Check out the video of the Tacoma City Council’s reaction to the Majority (A) and Minority  (B) proposals from the Minimum Wage Task Force.(Spoiler alert: They do not seem too interested in adopting the majority proposal).


*The original source of this document can be found on the City of Tacoma’s website.

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