Tacoma Voters Support a $15 Minimum Wage

With the potential of several competing ballot measures before Tacoma voters this fall, Raise Up Tacoma took to the phones to ask voters what minimum wage increase they would support.

Key findings of this poll include:

  • A majority of Tacoma voters support a $15 per hour minimum wage, and prefer a phased-in approach over the proposal by 15 Now
  • Voters do NOT think a $12 wage is sufficient and would support 15 Now’s measure over an increase to $12 per hour
  • Voters are not interested in counting tips or healthcare benefits as part of the minimum wage, or other measure reducing the impact of a wage increase

This is a different story than what big business interests would have you believe. We are firmly confident in our results when compared side by side with business community poll, as we talked to more voters (400 vs. 250) and confirmed they are registered and likely 2015 voters.

Read the full memo on the polling results here.

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